## Overview <img style="padding: 14px" align="right" src="logos/shopping.png" width=400 title="Quote from Barbie, math from Baker."> I am a data scientist with interests in dimension reduction, computational linear algebra, and high performance computing. I am passionate about open source software and programming. I spend a lot of time thinking about text mining, machine learning, distributed systems, and profiling. My formal background is mathematics and statistics, but if you squint, I can pass for a computer scientist. I spent several years teaching, a year as a statistics consultant, and 3 years in high performance computing. Today I'm a graduate student working towards my PhD. Much of my work consists of combining mathematics, computer science, and statistics to create scalable data science utilities with elegant interfaces. I know a great deal about both the inner and outer cobwebs of the R language, and spend a lot of my time (personal and professional) linking it to high performance C and Fortran code. I am founding member and co-lead developer of the <a href="http://r-pbd.org">pbdR project</a>. We do stuff with R on supercomputers, like fitting a linear model with 50,000 cores (it's pretty neat).